At age 50, and being Portuguese through and through, I am not easily impressed with ‘new versions’ of my country’s cuisine, especially as the classics are almost impossible to improve. Such is true with the internationally famous ‘pastel de nata’ – the king of Portuguese pastries. After having sampled so many ‘pasteis de nata‘ throughout the years, I thought I could never find any version that could rival the unquestionable ‘best’ – certainly never in the UK/London. However, last night I was proven wrong! Cafe de Nata’s version of this classic is absolutely amazing!! (for the connoisseur, of course). I can say without a shadow of a doubt that their version is among the five best I have ever sampled (the other four are all in Portugal and include the famous ‘Pasteis de Belem’). Cafe de Nata managed to create a perfect custard filling, but the clever bit is that the pastry case is thinner than usual which makes the filling/case ratio so light and far more satisfying than the traditional thicker one. In my book, five stars to ‘Cafe de Nata’ for that heavenly tart!
Helder Dias

I was very pleased to visit your shop. As Portuguese and pastry lover, it was a pleasure to see how your staff keeps up with our beloved tradition. It is not every day that you visit another country and have the chance to find Hand Made Pasteis de Nata, from scratch. It was also very rewarding to feel that all the staff was passionate about what they do. And also to be able to drink a good quality expresso. For this, I congratulate you for your project and when in London I shall pay another visit to the shop for a Nata and an expresso. All the best,
Francisco Rocha

Tried one of your natas this morning with a fantastic expresso. Had to go back after work to buy another half dozen for the weekend! So far, The best nata I’ve ever had. Thank you for that little taste of Portugal and thank you for the great customer service.